About Us

hill country homestyle logoWe are a small family canning business located in the heart of Texas.  My wife and I are both of German descent and our families go back to the founding of Fredericksburg, Texas, by German Immigrants in 1846. Canning, along with farming, has always been a way of life in Fredericksburg so you could say that we inherited our love and knowledge of pickling from the true professionals, our grandparents!

My wife’s family has a truck farm (growing vegetables) which is how we originally got started. We may not be a big operation – we make what we can with the freshest of produce for a quality product and old fashioned taste – but we are big on flavor and customer service.  We pride ourselves on making your purchase perfect!

Oh and just in case you were wondering about our wacky logo.  My wife and I came up with the label just for laughs. We are both of German Descent and are known as being Block-Headed which means stubborn.  There is a saying,”You can tell a German, you just can’t tell them much”.